Exciting News: Cover Reveal coming April 15th for Hearts of Stone and Steel!

    Guess what I'm part of? If you guessed part of the team revealing the cover for Book 3: Hearts of Stone and Steel of the Turrim Archive series by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt - you're right!

    Cover Reveal Day for Hearts of Stone and Steel is April 15th. So excited!

    The talented Savannah Jezowski of Dragonpen Designs (she's also the author Everly Haywood!) is the cover designer. I can hardly wait to see it!

    Side note: This is a series best read in order. What I'm posting won't give away anything - only get you excited for the series and this release.

    Below are a brief story blurb, a longer blurb, a link for preorder, a link to add this goodie to your GoodReads' Want to Read shelf, AND a short author bio.



    A heroic rescue attempt is underway.

    Enemies must work together toward a common purpose.

    The deadline approaches.

    And a quest into the heart of the mountains may hold the key to saving them all.



    “Treasure Planet meets Firefly in this epic adventure!”

    A clean, family-friendly gaslamp fantasy, this series contains airship pirates, a military academy, a mysterious wizard, genetic engineering, and as you can probably tell by the cover, this installment might even have a few robots!

    The story continues from where things left off in Book 2: Mantles of Oak and Iron. (Side note: Book 1 is The Orb and Airship.) The stakes are higher - and the adventure is ramping up! Come along for the ride! (But please, start at book 1 - thank you!)







    I can hardly wait to pick up my copy!!


    AUTHOR BIO for Jennel Leanne Schmidt:

    During the days, I wrangle four small hobbits and help them along on their adventures.

    Basically, I'm Gandalf.

    But come evenings, when the hobbits are sleeping... I become my alter-ego: PLOT WIZARD (still a wizard, just a different kind)... and adventures await in the pages I scribble upon.

    I'm a dreamer, a relentless opener of doors in the hope of someday finding passage to Narnia, and story girl.

    I love hanging out on Goodreads, but it's not the best for actual conversation. If you want to chat books with me, come find me on instagram: @JenelleLSchmidt or at my blog: https://jenelleschmidt.com/blog


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