• My Favorite Reads For 2023

    2023 has been a year full of learning for me. Most of it I've enjoyed and some of it my head is still spinning from. This part - sharing reads that I've enjoyed - is definitely something I'm excited to partake in. So, a huge shoutout to fellow authors who made me aware that "book wrapup" is a thing - and here goes!



    A super fun Sleeping Beauty retelling with horned wolves, ancient magic, a possible reincarnation, and a cabin in the woods.



  • Christmas Memories

    With Christmas days away, I keep thinking about a Christmas memory from when I was little. My family was rushing - like normal - to get to Christmas Mass. People were honking and waving at us. We waved back, wondering why they were honking. Then one gentleman opened his window and pointed at the roof of his vehicle before pointing at us. We pulled over and took a look at the roof. There, hunkered down between the luggage racks, was a gray tabby kitty. My Princess Tiger. She loved to use my mom's…

  • Recommended Read: The Cow Spoke and Jesus Woke by Faith E. Richardson

    This book is a serious 5 out of 5 stars for me. Below is my description of the story, a link to pick up a copy of the book, and a blurb about the author. Hope you enjoy!



    Author: Faith E. Richardson

    Genre: Fiction

    Audience: Children


    Meet Mabel the Cow and hear her amazing encounter with the baby Jesus.

    Beautiful illustrations and a fun rhyming story make this a great Christmas gift and a story sure to be read more than once!

    Click . . .

  • Writing Tips: Drawing on the Five Senses

    See the picture for this post? See the way the different blues and a sort of green hue play in the sky? Now imagine yourself standing at this snowfort somewhere in the far north. What do you feel? Does the cold bite at your fingers like a nervous hampster would? Can you smell anything? Maybe a stew of venison cooking over a fire? Or is your nose too stuffed up thanks to the cold? What about noise? Can you hear anything from the lights? Or perhaps there are wolves howling in the distance? May ...

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