• Elk Lake Publishing, Ink Blog Tour: In Search of the Painted Bunting by Beverly Varnado

    Hello everyone! This is my second ever post connected to a blog tour. I'm so excited to take part! Why? Because the book is awesome and the publisher hosting the tour is super cool!


    Author: Beverly Varnado

    Genre: Young Adult

    With fourteen-year-old Cornelia Taylor’s brother drafted into the army, they don’t even say the word Vietnam at her house.

    Then, her best friend Opal Ann Stanley moves away, and Cornelia wonders how she will survive. A spark of hope appears ...

  • Prompted Stories - Vol. 1

    I recently participated in Cassandra Hamm's Prompted Stories contest on Instagram. This time around I challenged myself to use the same character in all three 200 word prompts. What you will read below will be slightly tweaked from what I turned in since you're reading them together instead of separately like the folks on Instagram did. Also, these stories are rated closer to PG-13 than my typical PG writing, so if they're not your taste, that's okay. I was just trying something different. For t…

  • Writing Tips: Your Writing Tool

    For me, a writing tool is more than a tool. My pen or my computer helps me to put on paper or a Word doc what is bubbling in the back of mind. Certain stories seem to come together better with one tool or another. Almost like the tool instigated the coming together of certain ideas to create a fully formed story. Other times, I have a Word doc started and a million notes in a notebook to guide the creation of a new story. What about you? Do you lean toward a pen? A highlighter? A pencil? A recor…

  • Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. Blog Tour: The Binromese by Derinda Babcock

    Hello everyone! Below is my first ever entry connected to a blog tour. I'm so excited to take part in this! Why? Because the book is awesome, the author is a friend, and the publisher hosting the tour is super cool!



    BOOK 3

    Author: Derinda Babcock

    Genre: Christian fantasy

    Keena Listor, a Jindentor master healer with special knowledge, does everything in her power to warn the rulers of Vindor and Trezlandia to prepare for a pandemic, but she fears she is too ...

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