• Elk Lake Publishing, Ink Blog Tour: The Binromese by Derinda Babcock

    Hello everyone! Below is my first ever entry connected to a blog tour. I'm so excited to take part in this! Why? Because the book is awesome, the author is a friend, and the publisher hosting the tour is super cool!



    BOOK 3

    Author: Derinda Babcock

    Genre: Christian fantasy

    Keena Listor, a Jindentor master healer with special knowledge, does everything in her power to warn the rulers of Vindor and Trezlandia to prepare for a pandemic, but she fears she is too ...

  • Exciting News: THE BINROMESE is available!

    EEEEHH! I'm so excited to announce that the final volume of a totally binge-worthy series, A Tale of Three Kingdoms, is finally available!

    This volume, this series, is special to me for more than one reason: First, my friend Derinda wrote it AND she's a fantastic writer! Second, her unique spin on medieval-themed spec-fic. Third, THE BINROMESE holds my first ever endorsement inside its covers. Here's my endorsement ...

  • Fourth of July

    I inhale the scents of warm asphalt, horse manure, and gasoline as the parade marches past my sort-of-shaded spot on the side of the road. This is the second time since COVID-19 turned my world a bit upside down that I've come out and seen the Fourth of July parade. For me, it's a huge step.

    Before COVID-19, I hardly bated an eye about going out. My only discomfort was getting caught in the crowd or getting a bloody nose because of the heat. After, I worried ...

  • Writing Tips: You can start small

    When you think about writing, I'm certain that like me you think about novels and series first. But when you are figuring out how to write, you don't have to start with a large project - you can start small. Small can be a few hundred words or a single sentence. Let me share a couple of examples:


    Example 1:

    A most delicate flower crown sat upon the fair head of a young princess of the fae. She hid ...

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