• Exciting News: Cover Reveal coming April 15th for Hearts of Stone and Steel!

    Guess what I'm part of? If you guessed part of the team revealing the cover for Book 3: Hearts of Stone and Steel of the Turrim Archive series by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt - you're right!

    Cover Reveal Day for Hearts of Stone and Steel is April 15th. So excited!

    The talented Savannah Jezowski of Dragonpen Designs (she's also the author Everly Haywood!) is the cover designer. I can hardly wait to see it!

    Side note: This is a series best read in order. What I'm posting won't give away anything - only ...

  • Exciting News: Cover Reveal and Kickstarter for Falling Through the Black is Today!

    Last year, I participated in the Kickstarter for Book 1 of the Xerus Galaxy Saga: SUSPENDED IN THE STARS (SITS) by E. A. Hendryx. I had so much fun!

    And when the book and goodies arrived - you know the ones that become available thanks to so many folks helping that stretch goals are obliviated - I felt like I was in bookish heaven!! Gotta say, SITS - fantastic read :) Definitely lived up to the hype!

    So when I had the chance to participate in the cover reveal and spreading the news for the ...

  • Elk Lake Publishing, Ink Blog Tour: In Search of the Painted Bunting by Beverly Varnado

    Hello everyone! This is my second ever post connected to a blog tour. I'm so excited to take part! Why? Because the book is awesome and the publisher hosting the tour is super cool!


    Author: Beverly Varnado

    Genre: Young Adult

    With fourteen-year-old Cornelia Taylor’s brother drafted into the army, they don’t even say the word Vietnam at her house.

    Then, her best friend Opal Ann Stanley moves away, and Cornelia wonders how she will survive. A spark of hope appears ...

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