• Exciting News: Cover Reveal coming April 15th for Hearts of Stone and Steel!

    Guess what I'm part of? If you guessed part of the team revealing the cover for Book 3: Hearts of Stone and Steel of the Turrim Archive series by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt - you're right!

    Cover Reveal Day for Hearts of Stone and Steel is April 15th. So excited!

    The talented Savannah Jezowski of Dragonpen Designs (she's also the author Everly Haywood!) is the cover designer. I can hardly wait to see it!

    Side note: This is a series best read in order. What I'm posting won't give away anything - only ...

  • Exciting News: Cover Reveal for Winter's Maiden by Morgan L. Busse

    Guess what? Cover reveal day for WINTER'S MAIDEN by Morgan L. Busse is here! So excited!! This beauty will be releasing from Enclave Publishing in August 2024. Below are a preorder link for the hardcover and the synopsis for the story.

    Preorder link:



    Warrior. Survivor. Daughter of the North.

    From the moment she is born, Brighid fights to survive in the wastelands of Nordica as a clanless one. But when a new power arrives offering a trial to join the ...

  • Exciting News: Cover Reveal for The Sun Still Rises Anthology!

    I am super excited to participate in the cover reveal for The Sun Still Rises, a charity anthology honoring the late Lani Forbes, author of the Seventh Sun trilogy. The Sun Still Rises is a collection of YA fantasy stories centered around the theme of having hope in difficult times, as Lani held onto her hope during her cancer diagnosis.

    I had the honor to meet Lani Forbes at the Realm Makers 2021 conference and she definitely shined light where others would see darkness.

    Synopsis: Light shines...

  • Exciting News: Cover Reveal for SONJI

    SONJI is getting closer to the finish line - I know because my amazing publisher, Elk Lake Publishing, Inc., just gave me the thumbs up to share the beautiful cover image with all of you!

    While I share this image, I want to give a few shout outs to some people who seriously dug in and helped make this book a coming reality: my mom and dad (for helping me follow my dreams - especially when they seem crazy), my brother (for constantly asking me when there would be ...

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