• Exciting News: Interstice Undone is LIVE on Kickstarter!!

    The Kickstarter for INTERSTICE UNDONE - an epic crossover - by @jasoncjoyner , @steverzasawriter , and @jjjohnson_author is LIVE for only a FEW MORE DAYS!

    And guess what? There are some AWESOME book packs you can get with Interstice Undone! Check out my slides for examples OR check-out the link ...


    (I used Bitly to shorten the link - it was a little long.)

    And while you're checking out the campaign via the link, don't forget to peek at the Stretch Goals. We're ONE backer ...

  • Exciting News: DOSA Files are on Kickstarter until May12th!

    Guess what I found? An anthology full of stories set in the DOSA files!

    If you love superheroes and like a hint of Hallmark-type love and want to see what other authors do with H. L. Burkes's superpowered characters - you need to check this out :) Also, there are some pretty fun Stretch Goals!

    Here's a description from the Kickstarter Campaign and the link:


    Enter the world of the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project.

    Featuring New Superhero Stories from Award Winning authors as well as...

  • Exciting News: SONJI has been entered in Clean Fiction Magazine's Cover Art Contest

    I've entered SONJI in the Clean Fiction Magazine's Cover Art Contest :)

    Voting is free and anonymous AND can be done once every day until May 11th!

    Also, THANK YOU to those who have voted so far - you're awesome!!

    Those of you still thinking about it, the 11th is fast approaching! Please, vote!

    Just visit cleanfictionmagazine.com, click on the VOTE tab, and go to the bottom of the Cover Art Contest voting page, click on CLICK HERE, and vote - if you're interested in partaking. AND thank you!

  • Exciting News: I've been invited to CRASH the Nameless Book Launch Party

    Please mark your calendars for new friend Trista Shaye's Facebook launch party for Book 2 in her The Guardian Elf Scrolls series - THE NAMELESS!

    Date: May 11, 2024
    Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. EDT

    Facebook Link - found in article :)


    The Guardians' return to the realm of their forefathers, Omeale, is ill-timed and the hearts of many are sick with grief. As they flock into their longed-after homeland, Vorn's forces assail them on all sides, but help arrives to turn the tide. Routed, the hybrids...

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