Exciting News: Book Birthday for Taming Wild Hearts by Betty J. Slade!!

    Happy Book Birthday to my dear friend Betty J. Slade for her story Taming Wild Hearts: Book 1 of the Disappointment Valley series!!

    Getting to beta read was a treat :) And seeing this in print - and now celebrating a birthday is the cherry on top!

    Below are the back cover blurb, a link to Amazon, and an author bio. Definitely a story worth reading and an author worth following!


    NOVA BREE STEELE is on the run after witnessing a murder in San Francisco. She hitchhikes to a ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in search of Joe Crawford, a good man she heard could help her.

    Modern-day cowboy, LUKE BARRETT, rescues a rare curly Sulphur Mustang from poachers in Disappointment Valley, Colorado. He and Bree join the efforts of a doctor working to save the curly Sulphur Mustang breed from extinction.

    Their lives, and the life of a rare mustang collide in the crosshairs of greedy men and the San Francisco Syndicate. They must find common ground and learn to work together, or they won’t survive the pursuits of evil men.

    "Sulphur Mustangs are the last strains of relatively pure horses that the Spanish brought to North America 400 years ago. They are in danger of extinction. I hope this book raises public awareness of this American treasure." —Dr. Mitch Wilkinson




    AUTHOR BIO for Betty J. Slade:

    In 1992, my first undertaking for writing was the study of Ruth, Cameo, and the Song of Solomon, The King’s Chosen.

    My first novel was the story of Mary Magdalene, The Spirit of the Red Candle, Journal of Mary Magdalene.

    In 2018, I wrote Heart Bender. I released Heart Bender as a trilogy in 2020. The stories are about art, romance, and mysteries surrounding the art world.

    I am published in three current anthologies: Twenty-Three Journeys to Christ compiled by Gregg Heid, Looking at Life compiled by Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network (WCCWN), and A Book of Remembrance: A Collection of Everyday Miracles compiled by Lynn Moffett.

    Living in the country since 1977, I felt the world had lost its true values, and I wanted to write about the kinder years. I desired to write a story of a hard-working country family who was unpretentious with strong values. My new book will be released by Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. and will be available 2023.

    Weekly, I write an article for the Artist’s Lane in the Pagosa Springs SUN.

    Some of my short stories have been submitted to the Chicken Soup of the Soul



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